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SEDCO supports businesses towards bridging the gap between digital and physical channels, controlling branch capacity, and delivering top customer experience anywhere at any time

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CEM Mobile

Provide a safer customer experience with our user-friendly mobile solution

CEM Mobile by SEDCO empowers your business to provide a more convenient and safer customer journey - and achieve digital transformation.

User friendly and available to all! Reach your customers wherever they are with the power of technology.

  • Virtual queuing to minimize human interaction
  • Distribute e-tickets to reduce paperwork
  • Streamline the customer journey and make the customer experience as smooth as possible
  • Keep your customers updated with your latest products and services through targeted advertising
  • Share health tips through the mobile app to protect your customers
Self Service Kiosks

Extend business hours to 24/7 with SEDCO self-service kiosks series

Achieve business excellence with minimal staff and at a lower cost. SEDCO’s self- service kiosks transform your service experience towards a better customer journey and more efficient performance with less operational expenses.

SEDCO Self Service Solutions offer an alternative service channel, empowering businesses like banks, telecom operators, governments and retail to accelerate services to their clients, where the customers can perform several self-services by themselves.

Powered with a voice command feature, SEDCO’s voice interactive self-service machines allow customers to interact by voice with the kiosks, empowering them to “speak” with the machine in a manner similar to face-to-face interaction, removing confusion, and providing a more pleasant touchless experience.

Queue Management

A smart queue system to streamline the customer journey before, during, and after their visit

The more welcoming, convenient and safe the customer experience is, the better you boost your customer happiness level and make your business thrive.

Transform to a smart digital business. Manage the customer flow to your service areas to comply with social distancing rules and ensure a seamless and convenient journey, while you streamline processes, boost efficiency, and increase sales. Auto detect people with a high temperature to protect your customers and staff during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It’s all possible with SEDCO’s Queue Management System.

Virtual queuing: Pre-scheduled appointments for a safer customer experience

Empower customers to book appointments before stepping into your branch to save their time and eliminate your queues.

Your customers can enter a virtual queue by getting a ticket (electronic or printed) from one of the following multi-channels:

Mobile Queuing

Online Appointments

Ticketing Kiosk

An enterprise queue management system

Streamline the customer flow in all your branches, reduce the waiting time, and have full control over your branches. It’s all possible with SEDCO’s Queue Management system.

No matter what your business needs are, our system can be tailored to fit your specific requirements, from a standalone queue system to a complete enterprise solution for multiple branches with numerous employees, services, and regions.

Empowered with an advanced business intelligence system, you can monitor your employees and branches in real time, analyze your business performance, and predict trends in order to make insightful decisions that transform your business.

The Queue management system can:

  • Streamline between walk-ins and appointments to ensure a smooth customer journey.
  • Notify customers about their turn through various methods: SMS, mobile app, audio announcements… etc.
  • Give priority to certain customers based on their segments (e.g. VIP, the elderly, pregnant women, and disabled people)
  • You can select from various kiosk sizes to fit your space.